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Our Services


Our LTL carriers form a seamless, multinational network that provides industry-leading, local, regional and transcontinental service throughout the United States and Canada.


Get worry-free, efficient LTL shipping to the US, Canada and even just around the corner, with just one call.



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I have dealt with ITB for over 15 years now; they are dependable, honest and reliable. They are people you can count on. No hassles, always reliable and knowledgeable.

-M Hou


When discussing standard day to day business, the staff's knowledge takes over and new business solutions get offered, which is in addition to what is already being offered.

-S. Boldt


Wonderful group of people. All my questions are answered when I need them answered. To ship your freightm it's never too late to call ITB to get the job done.

-D. Carnevale